Mexicake Stout - Imperial / Double Pastry

€ 5,50

11% ABV 70 IBU Tempest Brewing Co. Galashiels, Scottish Borders 


Malt: Golden Promise, Chocolate, Caramel Hops: Columbus Nose: Sweet Spice, Chocolate Palate: Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Dark Malt Imagine taking a rich, boozy imperial stout, and then infusing it with fresh vanilla beans, high-quality cocoa, Ceylon cinnamon, Chipotle chillies, and Mulato chillies. Blend that all together, and what you get is a complex and delicious beer with a rich, full mouthfeel, a touch of sweetness from the vanilla, ground spice aroma from the cinnamon, a touch of fruitiness from the Mulato, and a little heat and smoke in the finish from the Chipotle. If your mouth isn’t watering right now, then trust us, you need to try this beer.

330ml Can